o saptamana si o zi – INTERITUS DEI IN MOTION

Posted: February 16, 2009 in media-culture, promote
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Atat mai e pana la concertul INTERITUS DEI de lansare a albumului IN MOTION, in Club Preoteasa: 24 Februarie, ora 18:30.



The story goes on…

About Interitus Dei
The band was formed in 1994 in Constanta, Romania.From the very beginning, the style (doom gothic) played by the band was very well received. Interitus Dei was considered both by the audience and by the critics as one of the best Romanian rock bands of that time.In 1997 the first LP Lonely White Idols, produced by Bestial Records, was released, having the following line-up: Bogdan Boeru bass & vocals, Ana Mladinovici vocals, Cristi Tentu guitar, Max Chelaru guitar, Adi Stavian keyboards, Ionut Micu drums. The LP featured singles such as Heroes, My own Hell, The Human God, which soon became popular among the gothic aficionados.

In 2000 Bestial Records produced Interitus Deis second LP The End of Revelation. The LP was first presented at the Bolkow Castle Party in Poland. At that time the band was composed of: Bogdan Boeru bass & vocals, Ana Mladinovici vocals, Bogdan Costea guitar, Adrian Mihai drums. The new line-up brought about a new style consisting of a mixture of heavy, power and symphonic highlights played against the old gothic background.


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