noi lucram pe linux…

Posted: November 24, 2009 in personal

(6:45:21 PM) Cristina: mie imi place syler

(6:45:22 PM) CR: adica, o fi fost Hiro tare, dar prea se bazau pe el
(6:45:23 PM) Cristina: sau cum se scrie
(6:45:26 PM) Cristina: true..
(6:45:29 PM) CR: sylar
(6:45:31 PM) Cristina: sa isi revina
(6:45:37 PM) Cristina: si sa-i killuiasca -9 pe toti >:)
(6:45:39 PM) Cristina: sylar
(6:45:41 PM) CR: :))
(6:45:47 PM) CR: hiro face kill -STOP

(6:48:37 PM) CR: revenind la seriale…
(6:49:21 PM) CR: te uiti la Big Bang Theory?
(6:49:36 PM) Cristina: nup
(6:49:44 PM) CR: ok, _trebuie_ sa te uiti
(6:49:55 PM) Cristina: 😀
(6:50:09 PM) CR: BBT > orice S, unde S apartine Multimii de seriale

— sometimes I believe we _really_ are hopeless

  1. vmp says:

    Inseamana ca BBT nu apartine Multimii de seriale? Sau nu e complet definita relatia de ordine? 😀

  2. dj@work says:

    incepand de acum o sa ma uit si eu la BBT 😀

  3. k says:

    you’re not hopeless, relax 🙂

  4. AlexJ says:

    da, are dreptate, ar trebui să te uiți 😉
    yes, we’re hopeless, but at least we are not alone 😉

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