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Posted: December 23, 2009 in technical
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Tocmai ce mi se parea super cool ca Juniper is BSD-based ..sort of, cand dau de urmatoarea cheste pe un NetScreen:

ns5200-> get envar
run_image=default (ns5000.6.3.0-M2A.r1.0)
last_reset=2009-11-06 15:21:28 by netscreen
.hash-seg=6 (421751809)
ns5200-> set envar max-frame-size=2500
The system must be reboot for new setting to take effect!
WTF, man?
  1. sin says:

    JUNOS este bazat pe FreeBSD (6.2 de la JUNOS cam 8.0-8.5).

    ScreenOS este un RTOS proprietar.

    Get your facts sraight, woman!

  2. @sin: eram _sigura_ ca asta o sa zici. still 😦 disappointing 😦

  3. Nobody says:

    I’m nobody!

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