Christmas holiday and the New Year and…

Posted: December 27, 2009 in personal
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My first post in English.

As requested by many of my friends and colleagues that don’t speak Romanian, my blog is going to be written in English, from now on. Unfortunately, my English is not that good anymore, but I count on you guys to let me know whenever I may make mistakes.

What better occasion, than the Christmas holiday?

Forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves, boeuf salad, steak, a lot of sweets and cakes – homemade by out housewives mothers, mulled wine, seeing our families and friends, and lots and lots of love. Feeling so good and happy after a long time.

Besides the actual holiday, it is also our anniversary, Cristina, Cristian…And, this day alone, was the best Christmas day ever for me, maybe also the best day of my life.

How did you spend your Christmas holiday?

  1. je says:

    “Forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves”, rofl 🙂

  2. Dan Serban says:

    I simply call them “cabbage rolls”, and if noone understands what I mean, well who cares, it’s just food.
    Otherwise I have a hard time explaining “mamaliga” – no it’s not polenta, it’s a mushy corn meal. (Not that I like mamaliga that much, mind you).

  3. kitty says:

    I knew them to be minced meat rolled in vine or cabbage leaves

    Oh and everybody knows ours mici – sometimes called “micies” (Walker via Tase)

  4. oook..Thanks a lot for the updates/clarifications. Of course, I have used google translator, in order to be “compliant” 😛
    Whenever I am in doubt, I invite people over a restaurant and order some “sarmale” or I show them pictures 😛

  5. vmp says:

    s/do mistakes/make mistakes/, so there. 😛

  6. @vmp: nu-i asa ca ti-am mai zis sa vii la QA? :d

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