The Lost Symbol

Posted: December 30, 2009 in reading
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I’ve done it. I’ve managed to _actually_ read a non-IT book, this holiday. .pdf format on the laptop, 2 days. Wonderful book! And I say this because it really captivated me as well as because I’ve actually _read_ a book after so much time.

The book is written by the well-known author Dan Brown, and it is called The Lost Symbol. I must confess I haven’t read the DaVinci Code, but I have read the Angels&Daemons book, and this guy has talent in telling a story. It was really captivating and interesting; once I’ve got my hands on the book I wasn’t able to let it, until the story finished. What I liked the most about this story is that Dan Brown reads a lot, tries to learn as much as possible about the subject. I was happy to see references to old books that I have tried to find myself back in highschool, books like Zohar, books belonging to Rosecrucians, old Hebrew books or the Newton’s interpretation of the Bible.

I also liked to see that Albrecht Durer’s work was the center point of the book, not just mentioned somewhere on the fly. The book combines the mythology, the science, the history, combines references of the scientists works with the art and the alchemy and everything is so realistically linked and connected.

One of the ideas many may argue while reading this book is _how real is it_? Ok, the guy documented and did a lot of interesting and catchy connections. Still, are they real? I mean, did you visit the Capitol in Washington DC? Did you enter the basement of the Smithsonian Museum? I for sure, haven’t. Maybe mister Brown did…nevertheless.

One of the questions I was asking myself while reading the book was: is this real, was Dan Brown actually did the connections after investigating all of this stuff? Was he gathering all this amount of information for years, and finally he was able to do the connections and create the story? Or…he just imagined everything, combining pieces just to look real?

Now, I am not in the position of saying how much of the stories in the book are real or confirmed, though I had started this kind of quest when I had time, in highschool. As per my experience, I can only say this is very well documented and sounds veridic.

…And, why not? Aren’t we allowed to imagine that this stuff is real? That everything is connected? That this Mason people actually gather all those secrets, for the sake of human kind? That Bible and Zohar, and all of those books actually refer to us, Humans, as Gods and the purpose we have here, on Earth, is to re-gain our God-like consciousness?

  1. AlexJ says:

    I started reading “I’ve managed to _actually_ read a non-IT book, this holiday.” and i thought “hmm…how non geekish of her…”
    And then i see the rest “.pdf format on the laptop” and i was “never mind, still a geek” 😛

  2. @AlexJ: :)) oookii 😛 nevertheless, should you get the chance, read that book (there’s going to be a movie also, but the book is always better)

  3. Delphi says:

    La Multi Ani pe 2010. Sincer, imi placea mai mult cand scriai in romana, aaa, si bineinteles, urmaresc subiectele care nu au de-a face cu unix/linux samd care din start pt mine sunt chineza 😛

    • Salut si La multi ani.
      Eram sigura ca imi voi pierde o parte din cititori, insa, atat voi fi in stare, as vrea ca blogul asta sa fie mai mult tehnic si, deci, mai popularizat in engleza decat in romana. Multumesc ca il urmaresti 🙂

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