it’s black, it’s white … it’s tough for you to get by

Posted: January 18, 2010 in technical
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…because people don’t usually make the difference / know there _is_ a difference between these types of hats.

I am tired of listening to discussions and to be witness to people stating intrigued that “hackers are bad”, “hackers should be punished”, “hackers to stay in prison”…etc…etc…

Well, my dear friends, first of all, hacker are NOT bad. Actually, first of all, there is a distinction between bad people with strong computer/networking knowledge and good people with strong computer/networking knowledge. Some make this distinction by calling the former crackers and the later hackers, some others use the terms black hats for the former and white hats for the later. Please feel free to prove me wrong, I am neither a hacker,  nor a cracker, so maybe I’ve got them wrong. Still. Just being very good with computers doesn’t instantly turn you into America’s Most Wanted. And, yes, strong computer skills are not always gathered by reading a lot of stuff,  but mostly by doing and experimenting all that stuff.

You can get very good by practicing, not necessarily by breaking into a server, but nasty experience is still experience. I’m not saying we should praise people that break into servers, but people that do not actually do any harm should not stay in prison. Technology is neutral. There are people that use it for good purposes and that use it for bad purposes. There will _always_ be people with high technological skills, so, instead of pointing fingers at poor little Cristina who just encourages everybody to improve their computer skills, we should be more concerned on greater issues of our society, for example, _what_ exact factors determine a highly-trained computer professional to break into servers, the actual reason behind the cyber-crime.

Not all computer geeks are criminals, actually, most of them are not criminals, and stating that it’s WRONG to have high computer skills, all you will gain is a lot of good people refraining from getting computer knowledge, or a lot of good people deciding they should fight against this lack of freedom or a lot of good people turning bad >:) . You need good professionals to fight the crime against bad hackers.

My observation so far is that society, as always plays a major role. Some people are just good and are just using their knowledge to fight the good fight, while other are just bad. Blaming the technology and the eagerness to learn technology for all the cyber-crime and stating that it’s best for us to stick to a medium level of knowledge, because, for God’s sake, if we are too highly prepared we might just “become haackkeerss…” uuuu…that I find just oppressive and unfair to everybody.

  1. I do wonder what has triggered this. But saying all hackers are bad hackers is just plain wrong. People, there are some who make tons of money from trying and sometimes succeeding to hack into servers. They are brought it to TEST the security of said server and NO, they should not be in jail 🙂

    Knowledge is knowledge, is just good to have, be it computers, literature, history or whatever. How we use it is something else…Discouraging learning though, that’s just dumb!

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