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Posted: February 22, 2010 in technical
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I am inviting you to visit one of my favorite sites: — no longer valid

The reason this is one of my favorite sites is that it is, firstly, VERY TECHNICAL 😛 of course. There are several sections where the articles are placed: Organizations, Standardization work, IETF topics, 3GPP topics, ETSI topics and…Other topics. I have to thank my VoIP guru colleague Alin for telling me about this site.

To be honest, I’ve never used any other categories, other than 3GPP and IETF topics. But these ones I have used extensively. Ranging from packet by packet IPsec negotiation, to SIP headers description, example, and a lot of scenarios, database infrastructure to UMTS and SAE architecture and scenarios, with a very welcome RFC and TS classification, I believe this site is one of the best locations where one could go to clarify technical things, to view scenarios and to take a look at packets and headers along with their analysis.

The latest link I’ve used is a secure SIP basic call from roaming, using the IMS architecture over UMTS. There are diagrams with each step of the flow, the packet dump and explanations for each packet. Gold, I say 🙂

So take a look.



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