dilemma – take 1

Posted: April 8, 2010 in technical
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Given the Create Session Request message from the target MME to the target SGW, in the S1-based handover (MME and SGW relocation) and Indirect Tunneling, the Bearer Context grouped IE within this message.

This Bearer Context has a S1-U F-TEID IE.

Should this IE be the IP of th _source eNB_ or the one of the _target_ eNB???

  1. Santosh says:

    In this case the eNB FTEID is not created at all when create session request is sent. So create session request should not include S1-U FTEID in bearer context. Refer to newer version of spec for this.

    Also note that Modify bearer request is the one that carries eNB uplink fteid (for both initial attach and S1 handover cases)

  2. @Santosh: you are only making me more frustrated 😛 😛
    What happens with the vendors that now implement June? 😛 Or should we expect that all vendors world wide update their code as per the 3GPP updates every 3 months?

  3. Santosh says:

    Well Cristina, I understand your frustration. 😛
    But the thing is you need to take a logical stand when such type things come across.
    GTPv2 is one thing where vendors stick to a particular release but when there is a ambiguity in that revision then next revision is referred.

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