Los Angeles – student of life

Posted: February 4, 2011 in thoughts
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Somebody called me that way these days. Mwell, people have to learn how to face and deal with all kinds of stuff. I guess that for me, it’s pretty hard to know that I made some friends in here and that now I have to leave. And I have no idea whether I am ever going to see them again. I mean, the Romanian guys I feel more close to because I feel I can always give them a call or something, but the others…Vincent is in France (myeah, maybe I have more chances of meeting you, Vincent), Brian and the Japanese team are going to be in Tokyo (yeah, what are my chances of getting to Tokyo this year, uh?) – Brian, don’t forget you have to come to Romania and teach us RF. Scott is going to live in Brazil. Scott, I’m definitely gonna call you for those piano lessons πŸ™‚ Pierre is in US or in Canada. And this is just a very tiny part of the wonderful people I’ve met here. I really hope I won’t have to wait another year to meet you, guys, again. And I will really do my best to be part of this team and actually have the chance of meeting you next year. Now I have to learn a lot, both technical stuff and managerial stuff, I have to mostly learn to have patience and take things as they come, better organize my time and my life and, maybe, who knows, maybe I’ll grow up some day. Jarrod, please don’t forget to send me those videos you’ve promised to send and I wish you all the best, hope you’ll get back to practicing tae kwon do.Β  I’ll let everybody in Romania know I met the best IPsec/security promoter we have here, in US. I hope we’ll meet again and I’d have much more stuff learned from this life by that time…

  1. dj@work says:

    The site layout looks very cool on mobile devices. Much better than on a regular computer screen.
    Ps: I like your non technical posts rather more than technical ones

  2. le says:

    Hi Cristina,

    Thanks a lot for your help in IPsec demystifying in the L4/L7 track, wish your the best luck!


    • @le: hey there, sure, my pleasure. We like to have our sales prepared, so that they can sell more πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› just kidding, it was nice seeing you live πŸ™‚ take care

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