Hivrit – take 2

Posted: March 21, 2011 in reading

I’ve just finished the first 6 lessons. Now let’s try to imagine a conversation that I would have, in order to practice my newly learned words…or at least some of them. The conversation is a bit weird, but at least it contains the words I should have learned.

Also, don’t be scared about the writing – speech transcription 😦 I wish I start to learn writing soon!!!

Michael and Rachel are 2 good friends. They meet and talk:

[M] Hello, Rachel! How are you?

[M] Shalom, Rahel. Ma shlomeh?

[R] Hey, Michael. I’m fine, thanks, and how are you?

[R] Shalom, Mihael. Tov, toda, ve-ma shlomha?

[M] Not so good.

[M] Lo kolkah-tov.

[R] Do you know where Isaia street is?

[R] Ata iodeea eifo rehov Ieshaiau?

[M] Yes, it is there.

[M] Kin, ze sham.

[R] Do you know where Rabin square is? Is it not here.

[R] Ata iodeea eifo kikal Rabin? Ze lo po.

[M] I don’t know. It is not there.

[M] Ani lo iodeea. Ze lo sham.

[R] I want to eat something. Do you want to eat something also?

[R] Ani rotsa leehol mashehu. Ata rotse gam leehol mashehu?

[M] I don’t want to eat. But I want to drink something. Where do you want to eat?

[M] Ani lo rotse leehol. Aval-ani rotse lishtot mashehu. Eifo at rotsa leehol?

[R] At my place.

[R] Ets-li.

[M] At your place? I don’t want to.

[M] Ets-leh? Ani lo rotse.

[R] Where do you want to drink? At your place?

[R] Eifo ata rotse lishtot? Ets-ha?

[M] I want to eat at my place. When do you want to eat?

[M] Ani rotse leehol etsi. Matai at rotsa leehol?

[R] Not now. Later. I also want to drink something, please.

[R] Lo ahshav. Ioter meuha. Ani rotse gam lishtot mashehu, bevacasha.

[M] Yes. Me too.

[M] Kin, gam-ani.


[R] Goodbye. See you.

[R] Shalom. Lehit-raot.

[M] Goodbye. See you.

[M] Shalom. Lehit-raot.

That was it 😛 At least now I can ask for directions and food and drink. Of course, I’ll have to be careful on WHERE I am going to eat and drink 😀

  1. How far did you come with Pimsleur?
    Taken up the reading and writing already?

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