Hivrit – take 3

Posted: March 29, 2011 in reading

Finally got to lesson 7 and learnt how to say where I wanna eat.

[Michael] Hello. How are you?

[M] Shalom. Ma shlomeh?

[Rachel] Hey. I am fine. How are you?

[R] Shalom. Ani beseder. Ma shlomha?

[M] Ok, thanks. What do you wanna do? Do you want to eat something with me?

[M] Beseder, toda. Ma-at rotsa laasot? At rotsa leehol mashehun iti?

[R] Yes, I want to eat something with you, but I also want to drink something.

[R] Kin, ani rotsa leehol mashehun ithra, aval ani rotsa lishtot mashehun.

[M] I also want to eat with you. Where do you want to eat?

[M] Gam-ani rotse leehol itah. Eifo at rotsa leehol?

[R] Not here. At a restaurant at the hotel Hilton on Rabin street. There.

[R] Lo po. Ba-misada be-malon Hilton, be-rehov Rabin. Sham.

[M] I also want to drink something, some wine, or some beer. When? What hour do you want to eat at?

[M] Ani gam-rotse lishtot mashehu, ctsat yayn, o ctsat bira. Matai? B-eize sha-a at rotsa leehol?

[R] 1 or 2 o-clock. Is it ok for  you? Do you want to eat lunch?

[R] Be-sha-a ahat or be-sha-a shtey. Beseder? Ata rotse leehol aruha tsororaim?

[M] No, it’s not ok. I want to buy something now, here. I want to eat later, at 8 or 9 o’clock. Is it ok for you?

[M] Lo, lo-beseder. Ani rotse liknot mashehu ahshav, po. Ani rotse leehol euter meuha, be-sha-a shmone or be-sha-a tesha. Beseder?

[R] Yes, it is ok.

[R] Beseder.

[M] What time is it now?

[M] Ma-ha sha-a ahshav?

[R] E ora 3.

[R] Ha-sha-a shalosh.

1 – ahat

2 – shtey

3 – shalosh

4 – arba

5 – hamesh

6 – shisha

7 – sheva

8 – shmone

9 – tesha


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