[Israeli food] learning from the best

Posted: April 4, 2011 in travel
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Today was probably my best day ever in Israel! Nathan and his girlfriend, Mali, invited me over and thought me how to prepare Israeli food, like, the real stuff! Using original recipes from their family. Of course, Mali was the master, but she let Nathan have all the glory of teaching the alien how to cook 😛

I don’t yet have all the recipes, in my head. Mali will translate them for me and send it over, along with the pictures I’ve taken from the production steps.

Basically, I’ve had a crash course, hands-on training on how to prepare shakshuka, tahini and 2 types of salad. They use a lot of interesting spice and garlic. Then they gave me vodka. I believe it is called Van Gogh, pretty interesting name for Vodka, huh? I only managed to taste 2 types of this Van Gogh, one tasted like pineapple, while the other one has an espresso taste. They were very good, but still too hot for me.

Pictures: when I get them from Mali. I made new friends and hopefully I didn’t scare them off with my too much talking.

Oh, the guys here took my Hebrew learning very seriously, so they are working hard on getting me up to date with the Hebrew slang. From the top of my head:

What’s up, bro? = Manysh-ma ne-shama?

Oki, doki = Sababa

All is smooth (honey..) = Acol dvash.

Today I ordered my restaurant food on my own. And I finally learnt how to ask for water – you do remember I only learned how to ask for wine and beer.

Ani rotsa leehol shakshuka. Ve-ani rotsa lishtot meim, bevakasha. = I want to eat shakshuka. And I want to drink water, please.


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