Hivrit – take 5

Posted: April 13, 2011 in reading

Or…whatever number. I am learning how to bargain.

— Scenario 1.

[Michael] Hello! What’s up? What do you want to do this evening?

Shalom! Ma-shlomeh? Ma-at rotsa laasot ha-erev?

[Rachel] Good evening! I’m fine, thanks. I don’t know… I want to do something. I want to eat diner. What do you want to do? Do you want to eat diner with me?

Erev tov! Beseder, toda. Ani lo iodaat… Ani rotsa laasot mashehu. Ani rotsa leehol aruhat-erev. Ma-ata rotse laasot? Ata rotse leehol aruhat-erev iti?

[M] Yes, I want to eat diner with you, but not this evening. I want to eat diner with you tomorrow’s evening. Is it ok tomorrow?

Kin, ani rotse leehol aruhat-erev itah, aval lo ha-erev. Ani rotse leehol aruhat-erev itah mahar-ba-erev. Ze beseder mahar?

[R] Tomorrow it is not ok. Tomorrow evening is ok. When do you want to eat diner tomorrow evening? 8 o’clock?

Mahar beseder. Mahar-ba-erev beseder. Matai ata rotse leehol aruhat-erev mahar-ba-erev? Be-sha-a shmone?

[M]No, not 8 o’clock. Later on. 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock?

Lo, lo be-sha-a shmone. Az. Be-sha-a tesha o be-sha-a eser?

[R] 9 o’clock it’s ok.

Be-sha-a tesha. Beseder.

— Scenario 2.

[Rachel] Good day! How are you?

Tov ha-yom. Ma-shlom-ha?

[Michael] I am fine, thanks. How are you?

Beseder, toda. Ma-shlomeh?

[R] Ok. Do you want to buy that?

Beseder. Ata rotse ze liknot?

[M]Yes. How much is it?

Kin. Kama ze ole?

[R]It is 10 Sekels. Do you have 10 Sekels?

Ze ole asarah Shkalim. Yesh-leha asarah Shkalim?

[M]Yes, I have 10 Sekels. But… 8 Sekels?

Kin. Yesh-li asara Shkalim. Aval…shmone Shkalim?

[R]8 Sekels is ok.

Shmone Shkalim beseder.

[M]6 Sekels?

Shisha Shkalim?

[R]6 Sekels is ok.

Shisha Shkalim beseder.

[M]Ok. But I don’t have Sekels. I have Dollars. How much is this in Dollars?

Sababa. Aval ein-li Shkalim. Yesh-li Dollarim. Kama ze ole be-Dollarim?

[R]It is 2 Dollars. Not 1 Dollar.

Ze ole shneym Dollarim. Lo Dollarim ehad.

[M]Ok. Here it is: 2 Dollars. Thank you.

Sababa. Hine shneym Dollarim. Bevakasha.

[R]Thank you. Good evening!

Toda. Erev tov.




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