SmartBear software – or the Power of a CheckBox

Posted: December 23, 2011 in technical
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New things to play with! This open-source software uses some Java stuff behind the scenes. I use it to simulate my servers. When you work with the latest technology and standards, you don’t always have a couple of millions to buy some fancy equipment – or there simply is no functional equipment. So I use this software to play the mock-up service and answer my queries.

How does it work? Basically, you feed it an XML file with your expected responses and it will replay it back to you. Pretty simple. The tool on its own can do a lot more. But I am a n00b and only use it for this so far: mockService.

Today I have tried to run a batch of tests, by playing back a set of queries. My mockService was only able to respond with a single response file.

Therefore, I had to dig into its automation capabilities. Apparently, you can create your own dispatch script, so that the mockService is more intelligent: it is able to give you a particular response, based on the characteristics of your request. 🙂

My problem was that when I was sending it a batch of queries, it would only reply with the first configured response. And gave a nasty error

Missing operation for soapAction

Couldn’t understand what has gotten into it. Running query by query, I was getting nice responses. Running the queries from a batch, all hell broke loose.

Then I’ve googled it.

It is when you have the settings flag “HTTP Settings/Logs wire content of all mock requests” set to true.
=> Uncheck the flag and it works fine!

Never underestimate the power of a checkbox!

  1. Cioby says:

    set packet loss=0

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