seven deadly sins

Posted: January 5, 2012 in media-culture
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by the one and only, Corey Todd Taylor

I’ve got the Kindle version – Seven Deadly Sins Amazon

And I’ve read this book in one gulp. The only break taken was for the winter holidays. I could say the book is a philosophy book. I could actually classify it in many different ways, but basically I would say it is a philosophy book. And no, don’t think about Kant nor Schopenhauer, and not even Nietzsche, even though Corey’s philosophy is probably closest to Nietzsche’s.

This  is a book about the human soul and about the human nature. It is about the things we fear and the things we do, about corruption and fear and lies. But it is also about the power to accept who we are, to accept we are human, to accept and be responsible for our deeds and move on and live our life. Corey takes a journey into taking down the so-called “deadly” sins of humanity, not because they are fake, but just because they are real and a part of us, human, a nature that we need to accept, not deny, otherwise it will hit us back hard. While arguing about these “sins”, we take a journey into Corey’s past, and have a look at his childhood and teenage years, find out about his wrong and good doings, about his troubles and his joys.

I can’t say I can relate to all of those experiences, but I get his point on all of the topics, and with some of them I can relate directly. What I relate most with is the religious part of the book. I loved to see that there are people with no studies and no diplomas so well documented and with such a good grasp and pertinent opinion on this topic. Yeah, folks, not all Americans are stupid! In fact, I’ve met quite a few myself and they are wonderful people.

Another thing I love about the book is that it is contemporary. Having my fair share of Kant and Schopenhauer, I am pretty sure I can digest fancy language and poetic expression in philosophy. But, hey, it is 21st century. We don’t necessarily have to be poetic to be able to express philosophic ideas. Corey’s language is current and friendly. Is like I have a talk to this guy over a cup of coffee, arguing about the sense of life and about the world and humans in general.

I believe it was written in 2010 sometime, but I barely now got myself to download it and read it. It’s worth every penny. And got to respect this guy even more 🙂 .



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