I am a junkie

Posted: March 9, 2012 in media-culture

Today I realized I am a true Junkie. Unfortunately, though my drugs are not very expensive, they are Extremely hard to get.

I am constantly looking for that “feeling”. And I’ve only got _that_ feeling a couple of times: reading “Ender’s Game”, “Old Man’s War” and “Dune”. And not even all of the books in the series.

Please help me get high again. Recommend for me things as exciting as these ones. And I’ll be forever grateful.

signing: ze junkie

  1. Alex B says:

    Not much relation with these 3, but, did you read THHGTTG? Just checkin’.

  2. Michael G says:

    Hyperion / Fall of Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. (It’s two books, but it’s a single story that spans both.)

  3. Dan says:

    THGTTG = The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
    Ender’s Game: checked (all ten of them)
    Old Man’s War: yep; the only novel I keep recommending to every one can hear me; Scalzi’s humor is simply criminal; he posted on his blog that he’l release a new S.F. novel this year.

    Dune 🙂 The original read 4?5? times? And because I’m a junkie to the 12 other novel from the extended series followed.

    And for this post to be something more than just bragging on a cute girl’s blog I have to make a recommendation to, no?

    By Peter F. Hamilton : Commonwealth Saga (Pandora’s Star+ Judas Unchained) and Void Trilogy. Space Opera as it’s best. If you are into this genre will probably love Pandora’s Star, it has everything the definition specifies ( + a insane chapter in which the narrative switches from the human Point Of View to the alien’s POV)

    This immortal by Roger Zelazny. Zelazny and ‘nough said.

    Haldema’s The Forever War. Probably the best space war/time dilatation novel ever write.

    If you are into heavily layered, deep thinking novels that combine S.F. with Fantasy: Perdido Street Station by China Miéville.

    And two links for your inspiration:

  4. Thank you very much! I will save this on my to-get list! 🙂

  5. Dacă ți-a plăcut ”Dune”, îți va place și Ursula K. LeGuin. Caută de ea ”Mâna stângă a întunericului” și ”Deposedații”. Două SF-uri foarte mișto.
    Dacă vrei un ”high” în SF, citește ”Febra” și ”Mâncătorii de ziduri” ale lui Serge Brusollo. Sau ”Omul din castelul înalt” de Philip K. Dick.
    Dacă nu cauți neapărat ceva SF, o carte mișto e ”Choke” de Chuck Pahalniuk. La fel și ”Dermaphoria” a lui Craig Clevenger.

  6. cati says:

    Thumbs up pt Ursula si pt Philip K. Dick.

    Pe mine m-a prins grozav The Hunger Games, is la a treia carte si pe primele 2 le-am inghitit cat ai clipi din ochi. Placut la mine pana acum 🙂

  7. Cd-MaN says:

    Anything from Asimov. And he does have lots of great books!

    Also, Stanisław Lem is great.

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