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Should you remember this post about me being a junkie

Mwell, the very nice people of the Internet and not only recommended books šŸ™‚ And I’ve started to readĀ Michael G’s recommendation: Hyperion / Fall of Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. Very very very nice books.

‘Ve read them breathlessly and now I’ve just found out that another friend whom I recommended them to a while back is also high on Hyperion.

jos olet epƤvarma…

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…Ā rock and roll!

taiĀ metallia,Ā mikƤliĀ tarpeen

mikƤƤnĀ mukavaĀ irlantilainenĀ kahviĀ ja ville laihialaĀ (sentenced) eiĀ korjataĀ tƤnƤƤn

aika multaa muistot

I _really_ needed a smartcard simulator. Cuz I wanna play with PKCS #15 on my own šŸ˜› Googling, I ended up on the OpenSCDP website.

These guys provide several tools. What I have started to use is the Smart Card Shell, which is a nice framework for running Java scripts.

OpenSCDP provides multiple JS scripts, some of them emulating a simple smart card, for instance. How does this work?: You just open a Smart Card Shell (scsh) and run the JS that emulates the smart card. The scsh will open a JCOP port, presenting the smartcard emulation as a real smart card reader would to other apps (for instance, I am using Eclipse to code the JS – OpenSCDP also integrates with Eclipse btw). But because I am (still) very n00b, for now I am just running the sample scripts from OpenSCDP in another scsh instance, and looking at the output.

Let’s have a look šŸ™‚

simplecard.js provides an implementation of ISO 7816-4:

1. Open scshĀ GUI (cmd line not working yet for some reason), added filesystem.js from File > Run Script.

2. Open a second scshĀ GUI, and go to File > Run Script > select pkcs15 > explore.js

3. The images below will list the output. Actually, because the simplecard.jsĀ emulator does not have (apparently) support for PKCS15, they will give an error when trying to explore the PKCS15 infrastructure.

On the simulator console, the nice scsh tool logs all the commands.

[nggallery id=81]

Next step is to dig into the simulators in Eclipse and create my own PKCS15 card image. Iuhuu!!!

When in doubt, always count on the nice open-source people out there. Putting together their knowledge at work and SHARING their knowledge with others.

Just got it on my BT 5.

Thank you, OpenSC šŸ™‚

new Swedish faith

Posted: April 16, 2012 in promote

I am becoming religious!!! Gotta love those amazing Swedish people!Ā 

Unfortunately, now I have another issue: should I join this religion or the blackmetal religion? I’ll have to negotiate with ze Tyrant, so that we could split responsibilities.

You’d have the 2 most religious people alive ;))

CTRL-A, CTRL-C, CTRL-V, AMEN (via ze Tyrant)

cu bicicluta

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Ieri s-a apucat tiranul sa ma invete sa ma dau cu bicicluta.


Da, nu stiam sa ma dau cu bicicluta. Nu, nu vin de pe Marte, pur si simplu nu m-am dat cu bicicluta cand eram mica.

Dupa juma de ora de dezamagiri legate de evidenta si bine-cunoscuta mea lipsa de echilibru, am abandonat bosumflata si frustrata. Asta se intampla sambata dupa-amiaza. Nu e vina tiranului, ci a incapatanarii mele: daca nu-mi iese ceva perfect din prima, ma enervez rau de tot šŸ™‚ Asta plus umilinta din partea vecinilor mei de toate varstele (si cand zic toate varstele zic de la 3-4 la 70 de ani!!).

Vine seara si tiranul, care s-a straduit mai devreme sa ma invete faza cu echilibrul, imi zice ca sa ma duc sa mai exersez cu bicicluta. M-am inarmat cu mult curaj si rezistenta pentru inca 10-15 minute de umilinta. Am rezistat vreo 2 ore – cu tot cu glumele baietilor din cartier si cu intrebarile oamenilor politicosi – cum ca daca am o problema cu bicicleta – not, my dear neighbors, ze problem is at the user!

Doua ore si muuuulte vanatai mai tarziu, rezolvasem ceva la partea cu echilibrul si ma intorceam in casa, rupta de oboseala.

Am lasat creierasul sa proceseze noile date, iar azi m-a trimis iar tiranul la exersat. O ora jumate mai tarziu (si doar vreo 2-3 busituri intr-un gard, pom si pavaj – in ordinea numerelor de pe tricou) am reusit, in sfarsit, sa ma plimb un pic cu bicicluta fara evenimente majore.

De notat ca am invatat singura sa ma intorc si sa cobor/urc pante. Plus sa merg (pentru scurt timp) doar cu o mana.

In rest toate bune, i-am demonstrat tiranului ca merge treaba si m-a laudat ca am invatat sa ma dau cu bicicluta mai repede decat el. Ma rog…I’m not a master, but at least it doesn’t freak me out anymore! Mersi, tiranule!

Btw: saptamana asta se doarme pe burta šŸ˜¦

…or at least, how to try to do it. Doesn’t always work, but it’s not their fault

papers on security testing

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specially those from misterĀ G. McGraw šŸ™‚


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Who said that only pimps and stupid pop babes can reach tens of millions of hits on youtube?

Apparently there are a lot of people listening to cool music. Dragonforce, Through the Fire and Flames, more than 46 millions views.

Rock on!