OpenSCDP – working with SmartCards

Posted: April 24, 2012 in technical
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I _really_ needed a smartcard simulator. Cuz I wanna play with PKCS #15 on my own 😛 Googling, I ended up on the OpenSCDP website.

These guys provide several tools. What I have started to use is the Smart Card Shell, which is a nice framework for running Java scripts.

OpenSCDP provides multiple JS scripts, some of them emulating a simple smart card, for instance. How does this work?: You just open a Smart Card Shell (scsh) and run the JS that emulates the smart card. The scsh will open a JCOP port, presenting the smartcard emulation as a real smart card reader would to other apps (for instance, I am using Eclipse to code the JS – OpenSCDP also integrates with Eclipse btw). But because I am (still) very n00b, for now I am just running the sample scripts from OpenSCDP in another scsh instance, and looking at the output.

Let’s have a look 🙂

simplecard.js provides an implementation of ISO 7816-4:

1. Open scsh GUI (cmd line not working yet for some reason), added filesystem.js from File > Run Script.

2. Open a second scsh GUI, and go to File > Run Script > select pkcs15 > explore.js

3. The images below will list the output. Actually, because the simplecard.js emulator does not have (apparently) support for PKCS15, they will give an error when trying to explore the PKCS15 infrastructure.

On the simulator console, the nice scsh tool logs all the commands.

[nggallery id=81]

Next step is to dig into the simulators in Eclipse and create my own PKCS15 card image. Iuhuu!!!


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