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Mobile Backstage

Posted: June 25, 2012 in technical
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Talking about apps. People use mobile phones, but many of them are limited to “usual” apps: e-mail, browser, games…

I am not an usual user 😛 For instance, I came across this app, Mobile Backstage. How? My favorite band (Children of Bodom, if there was anymore need to say the name) makes use of the mobile backstage platform /extension of Facebook. I subscribe to their page on Facebook, and then I have live feeds into their updates: status and location updates from the band members, they can share photos and videos with the fans, and I can also comment and share stuff with the other fans of CoB.

I am using it offline/from the browser and I also have the app on my Android ICS. On the Mobile Backstage website  you can see a quick intro to using the app on an iPhone(sic!). Apparently there are many bands using it, among which CoB, Nightwish or Evanescense.

I like the app a lot, because I love staying in touch with my fav band. Also, I can directly (via the app) buy tickets to the advertised shows (not all the organizers have subscribed to this app) or buy albums or other merchandise.

But I have a small(sic!) issue with it: the info I have says that I can log in with my Facebook account, and then change my nickname and avatar afterwards. I was not able to change my avatar, nor my profile info by using the offline/browser app from Chrome. Neither was I able to do that from Firefox. I could update my profile info (avatar, hometown, age, sex and status) from Internet Explorer. I know, lame, but I haven’t yet dug into what technology they use for this app.

Besides the fact that I am not particularly a M$ fan, let’s just say that I am not terribly annoyed by the above.

But what truly annoys me is that I cannot change my nickname. I can’t do it from IE and can’t do it from the ICS App either. I might not be relatively high profile, but I am still pretty annoyed by logging into this app with worldwide exposure to any fans of my fav band and simply appearing there with my true name – as I appear on Facebook. I also don’t fancy changing my FB account name into some Finnish nick that I was using 15 years ago, just to be able to use this app.

So, people out there, if you managed to solve this issue, please let me know how to do it. (yeah, in the meantime, I’ll do my homework, I don’t exactly have the necessary amount of time to investigate it properly).


PS: I may hate this particular issue I’m having with the App, but I can’t help but saying Kiitos to these cool Finnish guys who invented the app !!!  Looking forward to visit Finland!

— looking forward to playing with it 🙂

via Andreas Steffen


we are proud to announce the first release candidate of our major new
strongSwan 5.x branch which is offering a single monolithic charon
daemon combining both IKEv1 and IKEv2 functionalities in a consistent
way. Since the old pluto daemon which goes far back to the FreeS/WAN
project will not be needed any more, all pluto code has been completely
removed. The strongSwan 4.x branch will now go into maintenance mode
but support will still be available.

For further details please refer to my blog entry:

Please test the release candidate and report any bugs, IKEv1
interoperability problems with other vendors and missing features.
ETA for the stable 5.0.0 release is end of June 2012.

Best regards

Tobias Brunner, Martin Willi, Andreas Steffen

The strongSwan Team

Andreas Steffen               
strongSwan – the Linux VPN Solution!      
Institute for Internet Technologies and Applications
University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
CH-8640 Rapperswil (Switzerland)

CoB History

Posted: June 19, 2012 in media-culture
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Cute kids and funny teenagers, to bad boys blackmetal band, but not depressing or “emo” as many others

Just having lots and lots of fun!

Children of Bodom kick ass >:)


Am venit pe fuga din Germania, am lasat bagajul in camera, am schimbat hainele de consultant dragut cu pantalonii verzi si tricoul de geek de la Deea mea. Si dusa am fost. Am stat cu frica sa nu ratez inceputul concertului CoB, nu mi-a pasat cei din deschidere. Dar am ajuns la timp, iar trupa din deschidere a fost foarte tare: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.

Si in sfarsit, au inceput si Children of Bodom. Spre surpriza si super-bucuria mea, prima piesa a fost Warheart. Au urmat (nu mai stiu ordinea) Angels don’t kill, Blooddrunk, Downfall, Needled 24-7, Hate me!, Everytime I die, …multe de pe albumele mai vechi (ceea ce a fost  bine, ca nici eu nu mai sunt la zi cu Relentless Reckless Forever 😛 ). S-a incheiat dupa 1.5 h NE-BU-NE NE-BU-NE cu Are you dead yet?

S-a auzit PERFECT. Nu stiam daca sa tzopai sau sa filmez. Am umplut cardul de la camera foto – clipurile se urca acum pe youtube, pe canalul meu, cristinavintila, intr-un playlist public, ChildrenOfBodom,June15/2012,AMS,Melkweg. Organizarea a fost super OK, mi-am lasat rucsacul cu toate chestiile la intrare, l-am recuperat intact, lumea politicoasa peste tot, nu s-a fumat. Pogo la greu, lumea foarte-foarte happy de concert. Alexi & Co au fost geniali. Nebuni, nebuni! asa cum imi doream! 1.5 ore NEBUNE de CoB!

Nu am putut rezista, si mi-am luat un tricou cu CoB, pe care apare numa’ Alexi, dar doar pe-asta il aveau pe marimea mea. Lumea isi lua tricouri sau aveau de capul lor. M-am simtit printre fani CoB, cantat la unison (si pt. cei care stiu: NU e deloc usor sa te tii de WildChild Laiho 😛 ) samd.

Am zis ca s-a auzit PERFECT? 😀


The Reaper is calling for you to come home
With the thrust of a switchblade
on the grip of a madman
And the waters of Bodom
turn a blood shade of red
As the Children Of Bodom
take their last breath.

Singurul bai e ca se pare ca la genul asta de concerte voi tot merge singura 😦

Having fun


wishlist that will probably not come true, at least not this year

CoB – Live

Posted: June 8, 2012 in media-culture
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Getting ready!!!

ipv6 ON

Posted: June 7, 2012 in technical
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ipv6 world day: According to Google statistics, Romania leads the way with a 6.55% adoption rate, followed by France with 4.67%. Japan is on the third place so far with 1.57% but it seems here ‘users still experience significant reliability or latency issues connecting to IPv6-enabled websites.’

— tiranul

proud to be Romanian

Posted: June 6, 2012 in technical
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BitDefender, the company I used to work for a while back, live and kicking big time.

It just happened that I needed a quick view on the latest AV test results.

Sort it by Protection. First is BitDefender and the following 2 use BD engines.

BitDefender, Rock ON!