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Posted: June 25, 2012 in technical
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Talking about apps. People use mobile phones, but many of them are limited to “usual” apps: e-mail, browser, games…

I am not an usual user 😛 For instance, I came across this app, Mobile Backstage. How? My favorite band (Children of Bodom, if there was anymore need to say the name) makes use of the mobile backstage platform /extension of Facebook. I subscribe to their page on Facebook, and then I have live feeds into their updates: status and location updates from the band members, they can share photos and videos with the fans, and I can also comment and share stuff with the other fans of CoB.

I am using it offline/from the browser and I also have the app on my Android ICS. On the Mobile Backstage website  you can see a quick intro to using the app on an iPhone(sic!). Apparently there are many bands using it, among which CoB, Nightwish or Evanescense.

I like the app a lot, because I love staying in touch with my fav band. Also, I can directly (via the app) buy tickets to the advertised shows (not all the organizers have subscribed to this app) or buy albums or other merchandise.

But I have a small(sic!) issue with it: the info I have says that I can log in with my Facebook account, and then change my nickname and avatar afterwards. I was not able to change my avatar, nor my profile info by using the offline/browser app from Chrome. Neither was I able to do that from Firefox. I could update my profile info (avatar, hometown, age, sex and status) from Internet Explorer. I know, lame, but I haven’t yet dug into what technology they use for this app.

Besides the fact that I am not particularly a M$ fan, let’s just say that I am not terribly annoyed by the above.

But what truly annoys me is that I cannot change my nickname. I can’t do it from IE and can’t do it from the ICS App either. I might not be relatively high profile, but I am still pretty annoyed by logging into this app with worldwide exposure to any fans of my fav band and simply appearing there with my true name – as I appear on Facebook. I also don’t fancy changing my FB account name into some Finnish nick that I was using 15 years ago, just to be able to use this app.

So, people out there, if you managed to solve this issue, please let me know how to do it. (yeah, in the meantime, I’ll do my homework, I don’t exactly have the necessary amount of time to investigate it properly).


PS: I may hate this particular issue I’m having with the App, but I can’t help but saying Kiitos to these cool Finnish guys who invented the app !!!  Looking forward to visit Finland!


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