coursera – best courses, online, for free

Posted: August 3, 2012 in technical

Thanks to my dear friends, I keep in touch with all sort of stuff. And, as you well know that I am pretty disappointed with the educational system in Romania, I try to compensate online.

This is from one of them:

The story behind it here:

‘ve got to mention I haven’t tried this yet, merely found out about it. But if any of you did try it, please drop me a few lines.


  1. Ra says:

    Coursera is free … for now. Expect it to become a paid service over the long term.

  2. Cd-MaN says:

    Hi there!

    Would you care to give Udacity spin?

    I believe that we have better structured courses (although clearly fewer). Also, ping me on IM if you have any issues since I now work there (that’s why I’m spreading the gospel :-p)

  3. Alex B says:

    Recent FB tagline: “Don’t let school ruin your education.”

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