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The most freaking  AWESOME stuff I’ve seen this year! Wiki ref (includes playlist).

Metallica did it again ! Through the Never – 94 minutes of pure madness. In IMAX 3D.

I don’t even know what to tell you about it… Was it the story of the Metallica kid fan running through a mad city, fighting rebels and monsters in order to bring in a tool for the band? Was it the lightning? Was it the images of the solders during One or building a statue of justice during … And Justice for All or the crosses raising up from the ground during Master of Puppets, or the actual living puppet or the complete fire during Fuel or all combined?

It for sure was the show itself, METALLICA themselves ! and yes, the Enter Sandman on top of it all – the best scene of the entire show! (won’t spoil that one). The only big missing item was Sanitarium, but hey, you can’t have them all.

Metallica, you’ve done it again!

Listening to One I recalled one other cool thing Metallica did for us fans: Metallica MTV Icon 2003, where we had the pleasure of listening to One sung by Korn, or to Sanitarium sung by Limp Biskit or to Nothing else matters by Staind.

The only thing I regret is that it was so short. I will actually go get myself another ticket and watch it again 😀

The hardest thing I had to do was to stay on my chair. I would have so much enjoyed to jump and scream and bang my head – but I didn’t wanna get thrown out of the Kino.

Darn, I have enough adrenaline to keep me awake for a week.

… I’m getting myself another ticket. ttyl

Europe’s last patch of wilderness by Charlie Ottley

have fun !

his car, “AG 10 LNE” – AG = Arges (the county I was born)

Luceafarul / The Lucifer – the first of his poems I’ve got on my hands. I could not let it go. I was maybe 10 and didn’t understand much of the philosophical message underneath it. What I did enjoy was its rhythm and the story of the human and the falling star. I would not understand for many years ahead why the girl didn’t die to become a star. Somehow, I still don’t understand, and for sure the dry lectures of my Literature professors were not able to clear things out for me.

Luceafarul is officially the longest (98 stanzas) love story poem ever written. Ref: World Record Academy. So, yeah, next time people complain why Romanians talk too much: well, it’s in our blood, apparently 🙂 Also: we talk a lot about love and we love with all our hearts, and suffer cruelly when that love is not shared. For more info on this, just have a look at The Lucifer / Evening Star –  on This is the English version, the Romanian version too is Luceafarul. Pretty long poem, and some time in gymnasium I actually knew it by heart.

Another one of my favourite poems:

The Lake (EN) / Der See (DE) / Lacul (RO)


Check Point R77

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Yes, 77, nice number – I said.

Besides that, though:

New Threat Emulation Software Blade
New Check Point Compliance Blade
HyperSPECT Technology
Gaia Operating System Enhancements
Enhanced Gaia Software Updates
Enhanced Identity Awareness
Enhanced Endpoint Security
Note: Endpoint Security E80.50 clients will be available only by end of September 2013.
– Full Disk Encryption
– Endpoint Security Client – General
– Anti-Malware
– Firewall
– Media Encryption & Port Protection
Security Gateway Virtual Edition
Enhanced VSX
Enhanced SAM Card Support
Mobile Access

full list at the CKP UserCenter


Le pacte des loups

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I’ve recently watched this movie again. 2001 – French, with Vincent Cassel (Monica Bellucci‘s husband) and, as somebody was saying on a forum,: Monica fucking Bellucci is in this movie !!! and Mark Dacascos. Filmed (partially) in Château de Roquetaillade, and following the legend of the beast of Gévaudan, this movie has a well-calibrated complex of intrigue, historical events, action, horror, fight and love.

The describes it – and also the IMDB rates it with 7.0. I personally liked it very much, though my fav actor and martial artist was bound to die quite quickly, while showing off some of his Wun Hop Kuen Do moves.


nice best scenes

Mark Dacascos fighting scenes

Mani’s tattoos


CSFB vs. SRVCC, or how to “sudo make me Voice over LTE” – take 1

CSFB vs. SRVCC, or how to “sudo make me Voice over LTE” – take 2

by Alex

it was about time to display a nice message flow diagram of the messages being exchanged for Combined EPS/IMSI Attach



6 months: silence

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For some reason I tried not to write about this situation. I am relatively active on Facebook and other channel in protest against the exploitations in Rosia Montana.

I nice reference for the non-Romanian speaking readers is The Guardian. Following the more popular press, one can view arguments pro and against this mining initiative.

I think the  most important pro argument is the creation of jobs. As for the other arguments, let’s not kid ourselves: we live in the 21st century, we’ve all seen the amount of damage mining does to environment, so I won’t even bother discussing it. The jobs resulted due to this activity will be specialised and temporary, having little to no benefit to the Romanians, especially when compared to the destruction of 4 nice mountains and an ecosystem which is unique in Europe, maybe also in the world.

While our Government is giving a private foreign company the right to expropriate Romanian citizens – so much for human rights nowadays.

I believe that Romania (and any other country in this day and age) has better options of becoming a rich country. Options such as: Education, Ecological tourism, building durable green industries, rather than piggy-backing on old activities like mining. Call me naive, but I believe there are better ways to evolution and progress, others than by destroying the environment.

quote of the day

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Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

Benjamin Franklin quotes

memento patres

New York Times called her “the Maria Callas of this century” [citation needed]

The one and only. BBC made this nice documentary about her – I watch it online on YouTube.

Nice insights of Bucharest, the Romanian Athene (when she and her sister were sneaking in to listen to opera performances) and the Romanian Conservatory classrooms.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

… more parts? Unfortunately, this are the only pieces of the documentary I was able to find on YouTube. I’m sure the entire series can be found on the BBC website.

Apparently a very difficult to handle diva, but ambitious and stern in her path of perfection. Daughter of a train conductor, she lived the simplest life, so there was no other way than being perfect to make it into the opera world. He was born in 1965, in Adjud, and had her beautiful voice remarked during a performance in school, where she stood apart from being “too loud” – the soprano tells the BBC reporter.

She has been awarded multiple honors and awards, which you can find listed on wikipedia.

The one thing which impressed me immediately about her is the performance of Habanera, which personally I liked better than Maria Callas’ – which almost never happens, with almost any performance that I know of! [The only exception I could think of right now is Anna Netrebko’s interpretation of La Traviata 😀 ] One simply _cannot_ beat Maria Callas. (yes, the Maria Callas before losing weight and losing also her nice dramatic voice)