Famous Romanians – Angela Gheorghiu – the BBC documentary

Posted: September 12, 2013 in famous-romanians, media-culture
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New York Times called her “the Maria Callas of this century” [citation needed]

The one and only. BBC made this nice documentary about her – I watch it online on YouTube.

Nice insights of Bucharest, the Romanian Athene (when she and her sister were sneaking in to listen to opera performances) and the Romanian Conservatory classrooms.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

… more parts? Unfortunately, this are the only pieces of the documentary I was able to find on YouTube. I’m sure the entire series can be found on the BBC website.

Apparently a very difficult to handle diva, but ambitious and stern in her path of perfection. Daughter of a train conductor, she lived the simplest life, so there was no other way than being perfect to make it into the opera world. He was born in 1965, in Adjud, and had her beautiful voice remarked during a performance in school, where she stood apart from being “too loud” – the soprano tells the BBC reporter.

She has been awarded multiple honors and awards, which you can find listed on wikipedia.

The one thing which impressed me immediately about her is the performance of Habanera, which personally I liked better than Maria Callas’ – which almost never happens, with almost any performance that I know of! [The only exception I could think of right now is Anna Netrebko’s interpretation of La Traviata 😀 ] One simply _cannot_ beat Maria Callas. (yes, the Maria Callas before losing weight and losing also her nice dramatic voice)


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