love of … Lovecraft

Posted: September 12, 2013 in media-culture, reading
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H.P.Lovecraft, one of my favourite authors. I both love and dread his novels. Science fiction, horror, poetry… I try really hard not to read his novels in the evening, because they are so vivid. And it’s the more fascinating how large his influence is and how vivid his stories run through my imagination, the least amount of _actual_ horror events are actively described in his writings. It’s just the whispers, the sounds, the temperature, the faint scratches and voices, the resemblance of people’s faces, the traces on the ground, the feelings… You read and wait impatiently for things to happen. They never happen, but your imagination makes the best of it.

If I ever finish my SciFi novel, I would be the happiest writer on Earth to raise in my readers at least 1% of the feelings and emotions this man does to his readers.

For a couple of good months I keep reading through his “Complete Collection” on my Kindle. It advances slowly, as I can’t read as much as I would like to, for lack of time and for multi-tasking with Shakespears’ “Complete Works” and similar ones for E.A. Poe’s “Complete Tales and Poems“. Btw: for those of you with a passion for US history, don’t miss out on B.Franklin’s Autobiography.

But: coming back to H.P.Lovecraft, I’ve recently re-viewed The Whisperer in Darkness. Another movie which made it quite nicely to how I imagined Lovecraft’s characters at the time I’ve read in The Whisperer in Darkness – short story. I need to see the Call of Cthulhu – silent film – inspired by the story with the same name – of H.P.Lovecraft’s.

Also, not to forgot about Metallica’s Call of Ktulu – inspired by, yes, the same H.P.Lovecraft!


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