Rosia Montana – or how to do business in Romania

Posted: September 13, 2013 in promote
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For some reason I tried not to write about this situation. I am relatively active on Facebook and other channel in protest against the exploitations in Rosia Montana.

I nice reference for the non-Romanian speaking readers is The Guardian. Following the more popular press, one can view arguments pro and against this mining initiative.

I think the  most important pro argument is the creation of jobs. As for the other arguments, let’s not kid ourselves: we live in the 21st century, we’ve all seen the amount of damage mining does to environment, so I won’t even bother discussing it. The jobs resulted due to this activity will be specialised and temporary, having little to no benefit to the Romanians, especially when compared to the destruction of 4 nice mountains and an ecosystem which is unique in Europe, maybe also in the world.

While our Government is giving a private foreign company the right to expropriate Romanian citizens – so much for human rights nowadays.

I believe that Romania (and any other country in this day and age) has better options of becoming a rich country. Options such as: Education, Ecological tourism, building durable green industries, rather than piggy-backing on old activities like mining. Call me naive, but I believe there are better ways to evolution and progress, others than by destroying the environment.


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