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too much spare time

Posted: October 31, 2013 in personal
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so…this is how I fill it

there is only 1 rule: it has to be fast, otherwise I get bored 😀


red meat with vegetables, in the oven


pasta with champignons


fast, healthy and sweet cookies


spicy shrimps with vegetables

while @(home) do…shrimps

Posted: October 27, 2013 in personal
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…last year cooking-fu was better…

in-house cooking…pasta

Posted: October 27, 2013 in personal
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I would have never imagined myself to enjoy just staying in-doors, cooking, reading a book and watching movies all day long.

Autumn is here!

I’m not good at it so far, but at least I enjoy it, I like the food and had no food poisoning so far 😀

w00t for the cooking geeks!

cake cake cake

Posted: October 25, 2013 in personal
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My mom keeps nagging me to be more of a girl. She always complains I pay attention to those “bloody computers”, and never to her. Today I finished logging in my CPE points for CISSP on the ISC^2 website, for 2013. Therefore, I haz time for a quick goodie.

As people don’t believe it without pictures, here it is… Don’t ask me for description; I’ve got a how-to for dummies (in Romanian). Mine has waaay more apples and probably is extra sweet (added more sugar, just in case!).

Also, before you start mocking me: I know this is not rocket-science, I haven’t said it is. It’s rocket science just…for me 😀

I also did the toothpick test. Mom, hope you’re proud of me! 🙂
Tomorrow we find out if it’s edible or not.

stopping by the woods…

Posted: October 19, 2013 in media-culture
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The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

This week my sister and her boyfriend took me to Oktoberfest. I say “took”, because I was a fancy pansy this time – my sister is a manager at URSUS, one of the main sponsors of the fest, therefore we’ve got central seating and a lot of other perks.

…transmitting live from Willbrook Platinum Business Center (“conveniently” placed near the SIE – External Intelligence Service). The most expected technical security conference on the local Romanian market, organised by Provision, the largest security distributor in .Ro.

We have here CheckPoint, Websense, FireEye, Radware, Riverbed, SafeNet, McAfee, Qualys and many more. I was pleasantly surprised to find here Ixia, one of my former employers, presenting their security testing solution (largely made out of BreakingPoint).

I usually dread these conferences, because I know the huge amount of work the organisers put in (I was helping one out a couple of years ago), and due to the fact I should wear something nice. Buut, let’s look at the bright parts:

1. I’ve got my personal Websense demo: Web Security, Email security, DLP and Mobile Security

2. Spent time with people from Ixia, who traveled all the way from Israel to join this event. I loved to hear their stories and catch-up on the “old times”

3. Got the chance to talk to techies from CheckPoint and FireEye and ask about mobile security in telcos

4. Attended CheckPoint, Skybox and a couple of more presentations and looking forward to the Risk Assessment & Strategy “Round the table” session with CISSPs and CISOs from McAfee and one of the largest Romanian banks

5. What is the most beneficial part in any conference (besides the lovely complimentary drinks and sweets) is meeting people and catching-up with people. Whether it is my PhD Thesis coordinator from the Military Technical Academy, pentesters from KPMG Romania, old Master colleagues, former colleagues or just people on the Romanian security scene that I know, it is awesome to spend time with them and catch-up, hear what’s going on in Bucharest in the past years – industry-wise, not research-wise for a change.

Thank you, Provision !

…just a couple of pictures I managed to take, before an actual presentation started

IMAG0202 IMAG0203 IMAG0204 IMAG0205

Unemployed. Back to Romania.

Posted: October 1, 2013 in personal
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Today was the second day of unemployment. Bad weather in Bucharest, therefore spending time on the Internet (which is best of the world, and I’ve done some heavy travelling in the past 5 years) and meeting friends.

This evening was the “Evening Tea” event, with my former colleagues from Ixia, more specifically part of the LTE team. Couple of hours of geeky talks, spiced up with hobbies of each of us.

InfiniTea were awesome, as they usually are. Couldn’t miss out on ordering the chesnut puree (second best in Bucharest, after Excalibur – metropotam).

For people without Facebook account, here are the pictures.

537051_10151957303826807_2140863448_n 1377473_10151957303481807_1319012982_n 625528_10151957303231807_1725746920_n 1375001_10151957302971807_144573456_n 1374253_10151957302786807_1052953300_n 1376370_10151957302536807_1554599126_n 734116_10151957302326807_498502506_n

Thank you very much for showing up and for the lovely roses!