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Posted: November 10, 2013 in promote
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As a proper “corporate girl” …which I am, I have to stick to the dress code. Don’t jump onto conclusions: I really mean dress code, _not_ Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Emperor or even DragonLord

for more info refer to MapOfMetal

fun t-shirts…

BUT: what I am referring to is actual dress code, as in wearing shirts and other kind of women stuff. And I am. And today one of my friends asked me where I get my shirts from. The answer is simple (and once you’ve found a good brand, stick to it!), and it’s 5!:

1. Cane & Canevia The Sting

2. Seidensticker – only the Schwarze Rose models

3. Nara Camicie

4. Yokko

5. Sovrano

I know there are better (and more expensive ones), but I don’t (yet) make the money to buy myself stuff only from Karen Millen or Michal Negrin (my fav Jewish lady).

Emperor: I am the black wizards:

  1. Am si eu doua de la Nara si sunt, intr-adevar, foarte bune. In sensul ca sunt probabil singurele camasi din inventar care stau ca pe om (nu ca pe furca sau sperietoare) pe mine 🙂

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