Arduino – protecting the Minions

Posted: April 8, 2015 in technical
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1. I have minions!

2. My minions are AWESOME!

3. While I am away from my minions, I wanna make sure that they are safe and happy.

Hence, I am preparing a super (duper) tiny project to alert me of movement around my minions (as I said, only I am allowed around my minions).


1. Motion detector (PIR sensor)

2. Wires (the sensor needs 3: ground, out, vcc)

3. Arduino board

4. I had Python on my mac-mac, but I also had to install pyserial, in order to communicate to the Arduino board, via the serial port. In my case, the Arduino board is reachable via /dev/cu.usbmodem1421, on other systems it’s probably different.



A bit of explanation

Basically, the “plan” is to log something to Serial port from Arduino, everytime I detect movement around my Minions. If that happens, I log “Movement!” to the Serial port. Then, from Python, I monitor the serial port, and if I read “Movement!”, then I send an email to myself, using my Gmail account, alerting me that the safety of the Minions has been compromised 🙂


1. Arduino code

int pirPin = 7;

int spamInterval = 60; // send email max every 1 min

long lastSend = -spamInterval * 1000l; // measured in milliseconds

void setup()
pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);

void loop()
long now = millis();
if (digitalRead(pirPin) == HIGH)
if (now > (lastSend + spamInterval * 1000l))
lastSend = now;
Serial.println(“Let’s not spam”);

2. Python code

import time

import serial

import smtplib

import io

TO = ‘’


GMAIL_PASS = ‘no, you cannot get this one ;)’

SUBJECT = ‘Intrusion!!’

TEXT = ‘Watch the Minions! The Minions are not safe!’

ser = serial.Serial(‘/dev/cu.usbmodem1421’, 9600)

def send_email():

    print(“Sending Email”)

    smtpserver = smtplib.SMTP(“”,587)




    smtpserver.login(GMAIL_USER, GMAIL_PASS)

    header = ‘To:’ + TO + \n + ‘From: ‘ + GMAIL_USER

    header = header + \n + ‘Subject:’ + SUBJECT + \n

    print header

    msg = header + \n + TEXT + \n\n

    smtpserver.sendmail(GMAIL_USER, TO, msg)


while True:

    message = ser.readline()


    if message[0] == ‘M’ :




3. Output

rbh:Arduino cristina$ python

Let’s not spam

Let’s not spam


Sending Email



Let’s not spam

And I have the email 🙂

Happily, I am right next to the Minions, and I know they are safe

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