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Posted: June 13, 2015 in personal

As some of you know, I recently started to work for a small Internet startup in Zurich.

Well, technically that’s not accurate, but it surely feels that way when the occasional “Joe”/” Jane” I bump into at lunch is an awesomely passionate person whom I chat equally interested about technology, latest Star War announcements, NASA space programs, literature and music.

First weekend here. Very good weather. After solving logistics (not entirely without stress – that’s yours truly 🙂 ), went to Aida. My first time in the Zurich OperHaus: love the music, hate the pillars you need to consider when booking tickets. This weekend a marathon of Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert in the Zurich Tonhalle. Apparently there are major geeks into music also. Metal and Opera.

Thankful for having friends. Next is Yuja Wang and Mustonen 😀

I feel poor. Very very poor. Yes, Dusseldorf is expensive. No, it doesn’t help. I feel poor :p

First time in my life, went on a small trip in a Ferrari. No, I wasn’t allowed to drive it myself. Yes, I was scared :p

Information overload, missing my friends, too many things happening, lucky spoiled brat.

Yours truly,