Disclaimer – About

Welcome to Windancer!
“Just another WordPress blog”…cum default-uieste editorul. Ce va deveni, daca va deveni ceva mai mult de atat in timp, I will let you know :). Pana una-alta, aici scriu eu ce lucruri mi se mai intampla, ce am mai citit, pe unde am mai fost, ce boacane am mai facut…si tot asa.

–I write about things that happen to me, feelings and ideas I have, where I have been, what I have been reading, what dummy stuff I have done…and so on.

—There are also technical posts here, some of them showing some companies or technologies in a better light, some in a darker one. Please bare in mind that this IS NOT, IN ANY WAY, the opinion of the company I work for. Any ideas about _anything_ are my own, some of them may be expressed artistically to emphasize something. Don’t take them literally cuz they may be just literature. Should you have any issues or questions related to anything that may appear on this blog, please contact me.

What turns my lights on:

artele martiale / martial arts
Linuxul (good oldies: Slackware and Debian), nu refuz nici FreeBSD si nici Solaris / Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, Solaris, love for Debian and Slackware
muzica, specially: blackmetal, vikingmetal, deathmetal, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Verdi / music: blackmetal, vikingmetal, deathmetal, Beethoven…etc.
traditia sau cultura tracica, dar si cea vikinga si cea nipona: respect si admir civilizatiile care stiu sa-si pretuiasca trecutul, cu bune si rele si sa invete din acest trecut


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