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Luceafarul / The Lucifer – the first of his poems I’ve got on my hands. I could not let it go. I was maybe 10 and didn’t understand much of the philosophical message underneath it. What I did enjoy was its rhythm and the story of the human and the falling star. I would not understand for many years ahead why the girl didn’t die to become a star. Somehow, I still don’t understand, and for sure the dry lectures of my Literature professors were not able to clear things out for me.

Luceafarul is officially the longest (98 stanzas) love story poem ever written. Ref: World Record Academy. So, yeah, next time people complain why Romanians talk too much: well, it’s in our blood, apparently πŸ™‚ Also: we talk a lot about love and we love with all our hearts, and suffer cruelly when that love is not shared. For more info on this, just have a look at The Lucifer / Evening StarΒ – Β on This is the English version, the Romanian version too is Luceafarul. Pretty long poem, and some time in gymnasium I actually knew it by heart.

Another one of my favourite poems:

The Lake (EN) / Der See (DE) / Lacul (RO)


Diverta Acasa

Posted: July 24, 2010 in personal
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Este acolo de cel putin un an, dar eu nu stiam de ea. Sub Diverta cel mare de la intersectia Magheru cu Enescu, la subsol.

Abia am zarit anuntul micut de pe geamul Divertei “mari” si am urmat pasii de pe podea pana in Diverta Acasa. Acolo, un tip super dragut iti prezinta oferta lor de carti si albume, de undeva se aude muzica buna, toate incaperile miros extraordinar. Au TV si cablu si niste canapele super comode. Poti sta sa citesti acolo sau sa admiri un album de arta. Din pacate, a trebuit sa plec destul de repede, cautam o carte de beletristica in limba franceza, dar nu aveau decat memorii si albume de arta.

Oricum, merita vazut Diverta Acasa: