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by Joe Haldeman

Awesome! Thank you, Kai

H.P.Lovecraft, one of my favourite authors. I both love and dread his novels. Science fiction, horror, poetry… I try really hard not to read his novels in the evening, because they are so vivid. And it’s the more fascinating how large his influence is and how vivid his stories run through my imagination, the least amount of _actual_ horror events are actively described in his writings. It’s just the whispers, the sounds, the temperature, the faint scratches and voices, the resemblance of people’s faces, the traces on the ground, the feelings… You read and wait impatiently for things to happen. They never happen, but your imagination makes the best of it.

If I ever finish my SciFi novel, I would be the happiest writer on Earth to raise in my readers at least 1% of the feelings and emotions this man does to his readers.

For a couple of good months I keep reading through his “Complete Collection” on my Kindle. It advances slowly, as I can’t read as much as I would like to, for lack of time and for multi-tasking with Shakespears’ “Complete Works” and similar ones for E.A. Poe’s “Complete Tales and Poems“. Btw: for those of you with a passion for US history, don’t miss out on B.Franklin’s Autobiography.

But: coming back to H.P.Lovecraft, I’ve recently re-viewed The Whisperer in Darkness. Another movie which made it quite nicely to how I imagined Lovecraft’s characters at the time I’ve read in The Whisperer in Darkness – short story. I need to see the Call of Cthulhu – silent film – inspired by the story with the same name – of H.P.Lovecraft’s.

Also, not to forgot about Metallica’s Call of Ktulu – inspired by, yes, the same H.P.Lovecraft!

Book of Bad Arguments

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lovely reading

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

– Richard P. Feynman

Wiley – they are some of my favourite publishing houses, alongside Springer, Academic Press and Prentice Hall. Latest book I’ve read from Wiley is actually an old one. Somehow, it has slipped my reading list.

It is Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems

Mr. Ross J. Anderson has a nice profile on University of Cambridge website and advertises the second edition of his Security Engineering book almost 3 years ago.

The structure of the book follows like this:

Part I
1. What is security engineering?
2. Usability and psychology
3. Protocols
4. Access control
5. Cryptography
6. Distributed systems
7. Economics


Some time ago I was writing about how proud I am to see Romania as the leader in IPv6 adoption. We, Romanians, are majorly geeky when it comes to technology. Of course, that does not mean we get the security part always right, but, hey, no pain, no gain!

Also some time ago I started a quick look into the IPv6 security, more precisely the SeND feature. Unfortunately, things happened and I didn’t have time to continue the series.

Up until some time ago, when I looked more closely into what IPv6 security actually means. This is how I ended up purchasing the IPv6 Security book from Scott Hogg and Eric Vyncke. Hogg is the Director of Advanced Technology Services in GTRI, while Vyncke is a distinguished engineer at Cisco. The book is published by Cisco. The guy’s references have some weight, though by my stressful and painful experience with Cisco CCIE Security personnel kindly forcing me to use Aggressive Mode, while I wanted a Main Mode S2S and RA config on the same firewall some years ago, I would not credit Cisco with way too much when it comes to security. But this book is good.


Should you remember this post about me being a junkie

Mwell, the very nice people of the Internet and not only recommended books 🙂 And I’ve started to read Michael G’s recommendation: Hyperion / Fall of Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. Very very very nice books.

‘Ve read them breathlessly and now I’ve just found out that another friend whom I recommended them to a while back is also high on Hyperion.

Great Wine Made Simple

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Great Wine Made Simple: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier

by Andrea Immer Robinson


nice book on Ancient Hebrew

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Wisdom of Crocodiles

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Filmul. L-am vazut week-endul asta. Mi s-a parut genial. Si nu numai pt. ca Jude Law joaca genial (deoarece chiar joaca geniala), ci pt. ca si ideea e misto.

Din cate am inteles, filmul a fost re-denumit Immortality, candva dupa ce au vazut oamenii ca Jude Law chiar devine faimos – filmul e din 1998, cand nenea actorul asta era inca foarte tanar.

Si pentru ca mi-a placut asa tare filmul, am zis ca trebe sa aflu mai multe despre el. Asa se face ca am avut o supriza foarte placuta. Filmul este ecranizare (+/-adaptare) a cartii lui Paul Hoffman, The Wisdom of Crocodiles.

Surpriza era placuta, pt. ca deja mai citisem o carte a autorului, The Left Hand of God, despre care chiar am scris un mic post prin Mai 2010.

Cu ocazia asta vad ca a aparut si a doua carte a lui Hoffman, din trilogia The Left Hand of God, anume The Last Four Things. I can hardly wait to read it!


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Astazi a fost lansarea unei carti pe care o astept de mai bine de un an jumate.

Este vorba de a 6-a carte a lui Michael J. Sullivan, din seria Riyria Revelations: Percepliquis

Pe la sfarsitul anului 2010 le citisem pe primele 5. Stiam ca Percepliquis urma, dar nu stiam sigur cand. Cum amazon sunt prietenii nostri, acu cateva zile m-a anuntat ca azi are loc lansarea Percepliquis.

Din cate vad, au mai aparut niste carti care par a fi tot din seria asta, dar nu le-am citit si nu stiu care e treaba cu ele. Poate ca omul a decis sa mai scoata cateva volume, pana in Percepliquis, desi “planul” initial arata ca Percepliquis ar fi a 6-a din serie. O sa ma interesez ce e cu restul de volume.

Dar pana una-alta: Percepliquis is out! Sper sa vina curand la Amazon si in varianta pt.Kindle, ca acum vad ca e doar varianta Paperback.