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Posted: October 25, 2013 in personal
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My mom keeps nagging me to be more of a girl. She always complains I pay attention to those “bloody computers”, and never to her. Today I finished logging in my CPE points for CISSP on the ISC^2 website, for 2013. Therefore, I haz time for a quick goodie.

As people don’t believe it without pictures, here it is… Don’t ask me for description; I’ve got a how-to for dummies (in Romanian). Mine has waaay more apples and probably is extra sweet (added more sugar, just in case!).

Also, before you start mocking me: I know this is not rocket-science, I haven’t said it is. It’s rocket science just…for me 😀

I also did the toothpick test. Mom, hope you’re proud of me! 🙂
Tomorrow we find out if it’s edible or not.