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Hivrit – take 5

Posted: April 13, 2011 in reading

Or…whatever number. I am learning how to bargain.

— Scenario 1.

[Michael] Hello! What’s up? What do you want to do this evening?

Shalom! Ma-shlomeh? Ma-at rotsa laasot ha-erev?

[Rachel] Good evening! I’m fine, thanks. I don’t know… I want to do something. I want to eat diner. What do you want to do? Do you want to eat diner with me?

Erev tov! Beseder, toda. Ani lo iodaat… Ani rotsa laasot mashehu. Ani rotsa leehol aruhat-erev. Ma-ata rotse laasot? Ata rotse leehol aruhat-erev iti?

[M] Yes, I want to eat diner with you, but not this evening. I want to eat diner with you tomorrow’s evening. Is it ok tomorrow?

Kin, ani rotse leehol aruhat-erev itah, aval lo ha-erev. Ani rotse leehol aruhat-erev itah mahar-ba-erev. Ze beseder mahar?

[R] Tomorrow it is not ok. Tomorrow evening is ok. When do you want to eat diner tomorrow evening? 8 o’clock?

Mahar beseder. Mahar-ba-erev beseder. Matai ata rotse leehol aruhat-erev mahar-ba-erev? Be-sha-a shmone?

[M]No, not 8 o’clock. Later on. 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock?

Lo, lo be-sha-a shmone. Az. Be-sha-a tesha o be-sha-a eser?

[R] 9 o’clock it’s ok.

Be-sha-a tesha. Beseder.

— Scenario 2.

[Rachel] Good day! How are you?

Tov ha-yom. Ma-shlom-ha?

[Michael] I am fine, thanks. How are you?

Beseder, toda. Ma-shlomeh?

[R] Ok. Do you want to buy that?

Beseder. Ata rotse ze liknot?

[M]Yes. How much is it?

Kin. Kama ze ole?

[R]It is 10 Sekels. Do you have 10 Sekels?

Ze ole asarah Shkalim. Yesh-leha asarah Shkalim?

[M]Yes, I have 10 Sekels. But… 8 Sekels?

Kin. Yesh-li asara Shkalim. Aval…shmone Shkalim?

[R]8 Sekels is ok.

Shmone Shkalim beseder.

[M]6 Sekels?

Shisha Shkalim?

[R]6 Sekels is ok.

Shisha Shkalim beseder.

[M]Ok. But I don’t have Sekels. I have Dollars. How much is this in Dollars?

Sababa. Aval ein-li Shkalim. Yesh-li Dollarim. Kama ze ole be-Dollarim?

[R]It is 2 Dollars. Not 1 Dollar.

Ze ole shneym Dollarim. Lo Dollarim ehad.

[M]Ok. Here it is: 2 Dollars. Thank you.

Sababa. Hine shneym Dollarim. Bevakasha.

[R]Thank you. Good evening!

Toda. Erev tov.



Hivrit – take 4 – counting

Posted: April 12, 2011 in reading

* first column is feminine, second is masculine; neutral looks like feminine when counting

1- achat (אחת)/ echad (אחד)
2- shtayim (שתיים)/ shnayim (שניים)
3- shalosh (שלוש)/ shloshah (שלושה)
4- arba (ארבע)/ arba’ah (ארבעה)
5- chamesh (חמש)/ chamishah (חמישה)
6- shesh (שש)/ shishah (שישה)
7- sheva (שבע)/ shiv’ah (שבעה)
8- shmoneh (שמונה)/ shmonah (שמונה)
9- tesha’ (תשע)/ tish’ah (תשעה)
10- eser (עשר)/ asarah (עשרה)
11- achat esreh (אחת עשרה)/ achad asar (אחד עשר)
12- shteyim esreh (שתיים עשרה)/ shneyim asar (שניים עשר)
13- shlosh esreh (שלוש עשרה)/ shloshah asar (שלושה עשר)
14- arba’ esreh (ארבע עשרה)/ arba’ asar (ארבע עשר)
15- chamesh esreh (חמש עשרה)/ chamishah asar (חמשה עשר)
16- shesh esreh (שש עשרה)/ shishah asar (שישה עשר)
17- shva esreh (שבע עשרה)/ shiv’ah asar (שבעה עשר)
18- shmonah esreh (שמונה עשרה)/ shmonah asar (שמונה עשר)
19- tsha’ esreh (תשע עשרה)/ tish’ah asar (תשעה עשר)
20- esrim (עשרים)

Hivrit – take 3

Posted: March 29, 2011 in reading

Finally got to lesson 7 and learnt how to say where I wanna eat.

[Michael] Hello. How are you?

[M] Shalom. Ma shlomeh?

[Rachel] Hey. I am fine. How are you?

[R] Shalom. Ani beseder. Ma shlomha?

[M] Ok, thanks. What do you wanna do? Do you want to eat something with me?

[M] Beseder, toda. Ma-at rotsa laasot? At rotsa leehol mashehun iti?

[R] Yes, I want to eat something with you, but I also want to drink something.

[R] Kin, ani rotsa leehol mashehun ithra, aval ani rotsa lishtot mashehun.

[M] I also want to eat with you. Where do you want to eat?

[M] Gam-ani rotse leehol itah. Eifo at rotsa leehol?

[R] Not here. At a restaurant at the hotel Hilton on Rabin street. There.

[R] Lo po. Ba-misada be-malon Hilton, be-rehov Rabin. Sham.

[M] I also want to drink something, some wine, or some beer. When? What hour do you want to eat at?

[M] Ani gam-rotse lishtot mashehu, ctsat yayn, o ctsat bira. Matai? B-eize sha-a at rotsa leehol?

[R] 1 or 2 o-clock. Is it ok for  you? Do you want to eat lunch?

[R] Be-sha-a ahat or be-sha-a shtey. Beseder? Ata rotse leehol aruha tsororaim?

[M] No, it’s not ok. I want to buy something now, here. I want to eat later, at 8 or 9 o’clock. Is it ok for you?

[M] Lo, lo-beseder. Ani rotse liknot mashehu ahshav, po. Ani rotse leehol euter meuha, be-sha-a shmone or be-sha-a tesha. Beseder?

[R] Yes, it is ok.

[R] Beseder.

[M] What time is it now?

[M] Ma-ha sha-a ahshav?

[R] E ora 3.

[R] Ha-sha-a shalosh.

1 – ahat

2 – shtey

3 – shalosh

4 – arba

5 – hamesh

6 – shisha

7 – sheva

8 – shmone

9 – tesha

Hivrit – take 2

Posted: March 21, 2011 in reading

I’ve just finished the first 6 lessons. Now let’s try to imagine a conversation that I would have, in order to practice my newly learned words…or at least some of them. The conversation is a bit weird, but at least it contains the words I should have learned.

Also, don’t be scared about the writing – speech transcription 😦 I wish I start to learn writing soon!!!

Michael and Rachel are 2 good friends. They meet and talk:

[M] Hello, Rachel! How are you?

[M] Shalom, Rahel. Ma shlomeh?

[R] Hey, Michael. I’m fine, thanks, and how are you?

[R] Shalom, Mihael. Tov, toda, ve-ma shlomha?

[M] Not so good.

[M] Lo kolkah-tov.

[R] Do you know where Isaia street is?

[R] Ata iodeea eifo rehov Ieshaiau?

[M] Yes, it is there.

[M] Kin, ze sham.

[R] Do you know where Rabin square is? Is it not here.

[R] Ata iodeea eifo kikal Rabin? Ze lo po.

[M] I don’t know. It is not there.

[M] Ani lo iodeea. Ze lo sham.

[R] I want to eat something. Do you want to eat something also?

[R] Ani rotsa leehol mashehu. Ata rotse gam leehol mashehu?

[M] I don’t want to eat. But I want to drink something. Where do you want to eat?

[M] Ani lo rotse leehol. Aval-ani rotse lishtot mashehu. Eifo at rotsa leehol?

[R] At my place.

[R] Ets-li.

[M] At your place? I don’t want to.

[M] Ets-leh? Ani lo rotse.

[R] Where do you want to drink? At your place?

[R] Eifo ata rotse lishtot? Ets-ha?

[M] I want to eat at my place. When do you want to eat?

[M] Ani rotse leehol etsi. Matai at rotsa leehol?

[R] Not now. Later. I also want to drink something, please.

[R] Lo ahshav. Ioter meuha. Ani rotse gam lishtot mashehu, bevacasha.

[M] Yes. Me too.

[M] Kin, gam-ani.


[R] Goodbye. See you.

[R] Shalom. Lehit-raot.

[M] Goodbye. See you.

[M] Shalom. Lehit-raot.

That was it 😛 At least now I can ask for directions and food and drink. Of course, I’ll have to be careful on WHERE I am going to eat and drink 😀


Posted: March 14, 2011 in reading

Ani mevina Hivrit == I understand Hebrew – a woman saying that

Ani mevin Anglit == I understand English – a man saying that

At mevina Hivrit? == Do you understand Hebrew? – addressing to a woman

Ata lo mevin Anglit == You do not understand English. – addressing to a man

I can hardly wait to learn how to _write_ these 😀

Sliha  == Excuse me.