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Haydn – TTC

Posted: August 27, 2010 in media-culture
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Din  nou: TTC and Robert Greenberg.

De data aceasta, insa, este despre viata lui Haydn, 15 lectii de aproximativ jumatate de ora. Haydn era super apreciat – desi talentul lui s-a dezvoltat destul de tarziu. Aveam peste 50 de ani, cand englezii, vazand ca sponsorul lui Haydn, printul de Esterhazy, nu-l lasa sa plece de la curtea lui, se gandesc chiar sa-l rapeasca si sa-l aduca in Londra:

By the mid 1780s, most of Haydn’s works were immediately published, then heard across Europe and, for that matter, North America as well. Haydn’s music was embraced in Spain, adored in Italy and France as well as in Germany and Austria. The English in particular worshiped – and that is not too strong a word – worshiped Haydn’s music. Between 1781 and 1787, the English Publishing Firm of William Forester published 129 works by Haydn, of which 82 were symphonies, for which Haydn btw received a beaucoup bucks.

Starting 1783, various English concert societies began inviting Haydn to come over in England to conduct and compose, hang out and get very rich. Unfortunately, and much to Haydn’s unhappiness, he had to decline any and all such offers to travel abroad. There was no chance that Prince Nicholas ” the big shot” – Esterhazy would grant his capel maestro such an extended leave of absence […..]

[Printul Esterhazy incerca sa-l tina pe Haydn pentru curtea lui, deoarece era clar ca faima lui Haydn l-ar fi determinat sa nu se mai intoarca, nici la monotonia din palatul Esterhazy, dar nici la sotia lui cu care nu se intelegea deloc.]

Haydn’s popularity in England during the late 1780s was such that the press saw his position as little better than imprisonment. Even so far as to suggest that Haydn BE KIDNAPPED and brought to London. I kid you not. The following appeared in the London Review: “There is something very distressing to the liberal mind in the history of Haydn. This wonderful man, who is the Shakespeare of music, and the triumph of the age in which we live is doomed to reside in the court of a miserable German prince, who is once incapable of rewarding him and unworthy of the honor. Haydn, the simplest, as well as the greatest of men, is resigned to his condition and is content to live in a place little better than a dungeon, subject to the dominant spirit of a petty lord and a clamorous spirit of a scolding wife.”

My my – the word DOES get around…..

String Quartet in C Major, Opus 33, nr. 3, “Pasarea”


inherited from my father

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passion for Andrea Bocelli


Ride of Valkyries

Classical Metal

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Dupa un pont primit de la ovidiusoft: Phantom of the Opera – Nightwish (live)

In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me
And speaks my name
And do I dream again?
For now I find
The phantom of the opera is there,
Inside my mind
Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you
Grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me
to glance behind
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside your mind

Awaking the Centuries

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Awaking the Centuries – Haggard


Metal Ripper

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Power metal and Vampires – Sabaton – Coat of Arms


studiu clasic

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Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) – my favorite quitar player


Concertul a fost super genial. Nimic de comentat. Nu stiu cum mosnegutzii astia amuzanti au putut sa fie atat de punctuali si sa faca un asa show dinamic la varsta lor.

Poze si inregistrari sunt pe MetalHead:


Azi l-am intrebat pe tiran daca ma intretine sa ma apuc de pian 😀

Unlike Mozart, who never managed to achieve for himself a permanent patron, or Haydn, who was a music slave to the same family for over 29 years, Beethoven was an equal opportunity artist. He took from everybody, faught with an insulted all of them at a moment or another, and managed to maintain his singurality throughout.

Beethoven got along with N{…}but Haydn was for Beethoven, after his birth father, the second musical father, an authority figure the likes of which he was bound to have huge problems with. The lessons with Haydn took place across a span of only 14 month {…} Haydn, at best was at best a distracted teacher{…} Haydn must have known that Beethoven was his equal and very well surpassed him as a composer {…}

Still, Haydn was one of the most generous spirits in the history of music and things that would have brought other people to homicide…Beethoven’s homicide…that is – left Haydn urked, but not infuriated.

However, he would become infuriated very soon, for reasons that we’re about to find out. {…} You would think that Beethoven would show at least some respect for a composer that wrote 90 symphonies and was the most famous composer in the german-speaking world at the time.

But No, Beethoven went so far as to hire someone named Johann Schenck (??) to do the exercises Haydn was assigning Beethoven, because Beethoven didn’t think they were worth his own time. So rather than taking the money he was supposed to pay Haydn for the lessons, he took the money and paid Schenck to do his own homework, for him. And this was just the beginning.


The rules meant Nothing to Beethoven.