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time for metal

Posted: September 5, 2013 in media-culture
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It’s a widely known fact that the study of Diameter, fancying vampires, minions, ponies and fairy tales go along nicely with blackmetal …or any kind of (preferably nordic) metal. And I can’t help it when it comes to metal! Especially when one lives in Germany – one of the biggest metal-producing and consuming countries.

My highlights for the upcoming month or so:

Metal Hammer Awards 2013 in Berlin

Children of Bodom in Berlin – I’m gonna miss this one, cuz I’m flying back to Bucharest 😦

I’m gonna leave you now with the full concert of the Swedish metal band Pain and a nice Powerwolf – Underworld clip (you can’t access it from DE, due to SME rules). I particularly fancy these people, because one of their most popular albums is called We come in peace. — wonder where you’ve heard that before? : CCC Event Weblog 😀


Recently I am thinking about PoisonBlack, specifically. The only song of theirs that I actually like is Rush. I haven’t listened to all of them, because I simply did not have the patience to do that!

Man, Love InfernalMercury Falling…what’s up with that CRAP? My feeling is that they are trying to resemble HIM. Now, I know HIM is a big hit and everything, but most of HIM’s songs sound all the same. A PoisonBlack sounding like HIM, but not being HIM just does not make any freaking sense!

The saddest part of the story is that I actually LOVE Sentenced.

The Sentenced vocal, Ville Laihiala, is now the vocal of PoisonBlack. Unfortunately, Sentenced dissolved in 2006, after Miika Tenkula’s death. Miika Tenkula was writing most of the Sentenced songs – and boy, they were SUPER!

Now, if I am to go to a concert, hoping to listen to …at least _something_ that sounds like Sentenced, I have nowhere to go. I wish PoisonBlack were more like Sentenced, but only Rush sounds good, as far as I can tell so far. If only Miika were still alive! He would continue to write cool songs, and boring PoisonBlack band will have never been invented.

For those who like to listen to Sentenced, take a look at the following live concert, from my YouTube Playlist:

‘ve been there: super freaking CRAZY

That guy is absolutely nuts. He laughed and made jokes the entire concert; at the beginning he said he loves our beer and our women and he’s pretty sure he’s going to get very drunk and dance naked on the scene.

Close to the end of the show he managed to snap his pants, so that all of us could see his underwear.

Playlist (from memory):

Ghost Division


The price of a mile

Cliffs  of Gallipoli

Into the fire

Panzer battalion

Primo Victoria

Metal Machine

—-and so on

just 1 hour :((


Sarah Brightman – tipa aia care canta alaturi de Andrea Bocelli “Time to say goodbye”, se pare ca a luat-o pe urmele Tarjei Turunen. De curand am vazut clipul Fleurs du Mal, in care soprana canta alaturi de o orchestra, un cor si o trupa de roackeri.

Desi inregistrarea din link-ul de mai jos nu e grozava, interpretarea mi se pare extraordinara. Iar gestul sopranei demonstreaza inca o data, daca mai era nevoie, ca black/heavy/<any>metal-ul si muzica simfonica sunt 2 tovarasi care fac o pereche minunata.

Fleurs du Mal