what frustrates me

…adica lucruri pe care nu le stapanesc (asa cum mi-as dori) sau pe care doresc sa le invat:

A. techie/job related
1. advanced cryptography – rezolvata partial prin cursul lui (s)Atanasiu de la masterul de Information Security pe care il urmez
2. MatLab si Simulink – pentru ca nu am avut ocazia sa fac Politehnica si acum regret, iar tool-ul asta mi-ar fi foarte util la job
3. QoS
4. advanced bash scripting

B. real-life skills
1. cooking
2. driving za car

C. Important stuff (aici voi mai trece si prin domeniul SF)
1. travel more, visit hundreds of museums worldwide
2. learn to take pictures…professionally
3. master wing-chun and visit Tibet
4. learn to play the piano
5. learn to dance…professionally
6. buy and ride a Kawasaki Ninja
7. learn German and Japanese
8. publish my own literature book

–to be continued–

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